When early deadlines are the bane of your existence, you tend to write one sentence more than any other. The ( ____ ) was 'Still In Progress At Press Time.'

But don't think of 'Still In Progress...' as a collation of the unconcluded. Rather what you'll find here is the culling of thoughts that continue to rattle around inside the mind, long after the day’s traditional sports writing has concluded.

Think of it as the brilliant thought you wake up with at 3 a.m., yet forget about long before breakfast.

Think of it as an anthology of info you never knew you needed.

Or as I call it: a synopsis of the brain’s misfired synapses.

Most of all, think of it as a fun departure from traditional sports writing.

Among the features you’ll find here at “Still In Progress At Press Time…” :

“In Progress At Press Time”

Consider this the weekly column. No one or thing is off limits. Find it along the left hand side.

“In The Box”

The six boxes to the right will be in constant motion. Here you’ll find specific features such as:

Play On, Words: Dissection of sport lexicon

Today, I Stopped My Baby From…: Follow the funny and sublime adventures of my daughter

One Timer: Quick punches of goodness wrapped in one-or-two sentence prose.

Pop Goes The Culture: Sometimes you got to step outside the realm of sports or you’ll go mad.

From The Mouths Of Athletes: Every so often, an athlete will break from the monotony of bland quotes.

Lest we forget, whatever else the mind can conjure up…

Enjoy and don’t be afraid to interact!